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It’s been a long time since the last time we enjoyed sparkling faces. Instead encrusted shoes, dresses, jeans, bags dominated the fashion industry. Elaborately decorated clothes and accessories giving off sparks have been “on duty”, while the old- fashioned jewelries have been “covered in dust”. The fashion podiums have been gleaming with richly embellished outfits in lieu of the familiar jewelries. The sparkling appearance has been achieved not by the standard bijoux adorning our bodies but by finely encrusted dresses and accessories.


It’s time for a change! The spring has come, bringing inspiration for new fashion trends. This season à la mode is the minimal ornate body. So clean the dust from your favourite jewelries because they are back in the game. Stylish rings, oversized earrings, and brilliant necklaces reflect flashes, giving the everyday apparel a starry, fashionable look.

The idea is to add to your simple garments a little spark, without being over-showy. Do not seek an exaggerated effect but harmony between plainness and opulence. Here are several examples how to make contrast between your modest “ropa de diario” and catching bijoux to get an exquisite dash.



Soft knitted sweater “dramatized” by fabulous earrings. Small, delicate, oversized, dangling, brilliant – a pair of earrings can give you more attractive and artistic flair.





Princess gems to the “shabby” attire. Decorate the ordinary shirt or singlet with a large dazzling choker necklace for inspirational gleaming queen-like look.



Instead of heavy make-up, use jewels to underline your attractive nature. Let your “precious” speak about your exquisite taste in fashion.



We all know the famous Marilyn Monroe’s song “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, so if you have such a best friend, now is the time to show it off proudly.

When embellish your body with jewels, bear in mind that “too much is never good”. The sacred word here is minimalism. As Coco Chanel says: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory”. Choose only one, but really impressive bijou to put an accent on your daily garment. Remember, you are not going to a party and what you should achieve is a simple but classy rather than a rococo style look.













For those of you who want to adorn their bodies with the most polished, glittering and modish bijoux, we have some suggestions from the collections of the world’s leading jewelry designers, including Chopard, Tiffany & Co, GRAFF, Chanel:


  1. A fabulous animal-themed Chopard collection of exquisite diamond pieces. The peacock and the sea-horse earrings, as well as the owl watch are really creative way to highlight your femininity. The chandelier type earrings are definitely in fashion this season – luxurious, unique, and refined, these earrings are the perfect way to enliven your daily gowns.





  1. Spectacular gem necklaces for special occasions and for real connoisseurs:



  1. Elegant, master-crafted rings in colourful spring- summer hues for ladies with refined taste:



  1. Flawless bracelets to embellish the delicate, soft, feminine arms:


  1. A line of precious watches in different designs and colours to complete your work outfit:



Add to the spring-summer gear uniqueness, excellence, brilliance, richness with exceptional pieces of jewelries.

Your bijoux are your signature!



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The season of the coats has already come. It’s time to shop a chic outerwear to stay warm and in vogue during the cold winter days. Don’t just buy a coat, but carefully choose the one that complements your body shape. Be enchanting, fabulous, enigmatic like a Christmas fairytale.



Here are some tips about what type of coats will best fit your body shape:

  1. Hourglass

Your body is curvy and well proportioned, which means that no matter what coat you put on, it will fit you more than fantastic. Your waist is thin and perfectly shaped, so highlight it with a coat which has a well defined waist line. However, take into account your height and the current fashion trends in coats. Before rushing to buy a new winter coat, find out which colours and designs are modish and decide which is the appropriate coat length for your height (above the knee – average height people; if you’re slightly shorter  – medium length), otherwise you run the risk of looking ridiculous.

With some of these models your hourglass body will look fabulous:





  1. Rectangle

The rectangle body type is athletic and very straight. It lacks curves, so you need a coat which creates an illusion of curves. Try overalls with large collars, furs, buttons, pleats, ruffles, ribbons, and other decorations to create sense of volume. Coats with belts are also a good choice, because they outline your waist and make your body look shapely.

With some of these coats your rectangle body will look curvy and alluring:

222222222222 2





















  1. Pear

The pear –shaped body is characterized with larger hips and smaller upper part. Therefore, your winter coat should add volume to your shoulders and bust and should minimize your lower parts. Choose coats with big collars, furs, pads and other decorations to give extra bulk to the upper parts of your body. In contrast, the lower part of the coat should be plain in order to make your hips look smaller.  Try coats with trophy shoulders and enormous ruffles to draw the attention to the upper part of your body. Another suitable design for your body shape is a coat in black and white – black at the bottom to minimize the area at the haunch and white above to make your chest broader.

Balance your pear shaped body with some of these coats:



333333333333 3333

  1. Inverted Triangle

The Inverted Triangle body shape is opposite to the pear shape. Ladies with such bodies have broad shoulders and big breasts, while their hips are flat. In order to achieve balance in your body proportions you need a coat with which to minimize the upper part of the body and to add volume to the lower part. Try coats which are simple above and highly decorated at the bottom. For example, a pleated coat or a coat with more pockets will make your small hip area look bulking. Your breast is attractive, so put accent on it with a V- neck coat.

Show off a proportional and glamorous body with some of these coats:
















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  1. Apple

The apple body shape is voluptuous, characterized with curves, full bottom, large breast and lack of structure. If you posses an apple type body look for a coat which gives structure to your body. Avoid too floppy and baggy coats, which make you look bigger or too tight coats which outline your shapes. Try an A- line coat with a belt to add some form to your body. Medium length coats in dark colours are perfect for you.

Here are our suggestions for coats to make your apple shape irresistible:


55555 5555555555555


















Put the final touches with a suitable hat and scarf and be glamorous in the winter days!





















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Get The DEVIOUS, LATINO, SENSUAL Eva Longoria’s style


The actress and director, Eva Longoria is one of the most adored and fashionable Hollywood’s stars. Over the years the brunette has shown a good dress sense: elegant with a Latino flair.

As Gabrielle Solis, the actress has inspired many desperate housewives to pay attention to their appearance, proving that being a housewife doesn’t mean you cannot look gorgeous.

Eva Longoria dress style does all the talking – incredible! There is always a dramatic glamour in her clothes. Whether in a casual outfit or in a splendid evening dress, she knows how to highlight her fit figure and exquisite features, she knows how to be desirable!

Solve your fashion dilemmas! Make some of Eva Longoria’s dress styles your own!

Dress style #1

eva longoria in lemon yellow dress with grey front zipper trim and black jacket shopping in cannes france on may 19 2013 style fashion chic what she wore

Victoria Beckam dresses are among the favourite outfits of Eva Longoria. Here is the ex- housewife in elegant Victoria Beckam Dry Scrunch Zip Front Dress matched with Jimmy Choo toe-pointed shoes and black formal jacket. This outfit highlights the actress’ delightful legs and at the same time gives her a businesslike look. The contrast- dark and light, formal and sexy makes this outfit excellent choice for work, party,  date or dinner.

Dress style # 2

Victoria Beckham dress

Eva Longoria in another Victoria Beckam dress. She looks exceptionally sophisticated. This delicate black dress along with the Brian Atwood blush satin sandals are perfect to express your unique femininity.

Dress style # 3


A fantastic outfit to wear at your business meetings or other formal events. The classy black and white is always in vogue. The Latino lady wears Zara Stripped pencil skirt, black sultry top and Christian Louboutin pumps. What distinguishes Eva Longoria from the other stars is that she wears minimal jewelries – she relies on discrete luxury and elegance!

Dress style # 4



Affordable and easy to get casual dress style by Eva Longoria. In wonderful off-the shoulder beige top, skinny jeans and strapped sandals, the actress looks so natural.  The final touch of this dress style is given by this amazing bag.

Dress style # 5


Another idea for your casual style – soft Sanctuary Shasta sweater, Valentino satchel and Blanknyc skinny cargo pants. Light colours, comfortable clothes, suitable for walking in the sprint and fall windy days. Try this harmony of colors for an effective and stylish look.

Dress style # 6
















The Mexican-American actress strikes with neat and smart everyday dress style. In skinny jeans, soft pink (left) and ardent red (right) blouse and high heels, Eva Longoria shows a good dress sense. Cultivate her fashion style and stand out with your clothing!

Dress style # 7




Dressed in trendy Gucci (floral prints) and Gabriela Cadena printed leg- revealing dresses matched with heeled sandals, the actress is more than attractive. The printed dresses are hit, so be sure you have one in your closet!

Dress style # 9

brian atwood purple

**EXCLUSIVE** Lovebirds! A giddy Eva Longoria holds onto her man, Eduardo Cruz, as the two leave The Cuckoo Club in Mayfair hand-in-hand


In rich, lively colours, and fantastic Brian Atwood shoes, Eva Longoria looks really sensual and alluring. She definitely knows what to wear to be stylish and irresistible. The actress is not a risk taker, she relies on simple but impressive outfits.

Dress style # 10




Eva Longoria is bold in this dazzling Marchesa silver dress. As always the accessories suit the apparel, and the enormous jeweled bow completes the sense of glamorous style!


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 Be cool like Rachel Green

Get Jennifer Aniston’s gleam

Many will say Jennifer Aniston does not command the red carpet with any distinguishing style but when it comes to casual dress style she is a true fashion icon. Not without reason the actress is called “The queen of casual chic”. Her signature is sexy, classy, and basic! Most of the time the Friends star wears skinny jeans or shorts and tailored t-shirts. Her outfits show that she knows how to get it right: to keep casual and stylish. The celeb combines ordinary shirts and jeans with the right shoes and accessories (usually hats and sunglasses), sometimes she wears mini to accent on her perfectly shaped legs and voilà – she looks amazing! Not to mention that as Rachel Green in Friends, the actress has inspired many young women how to dress simple but tempting.

Take a look at several Jennifer Aniston’s outfits and master the Work & Casual style:

Dress style # 1



In skinny Deganie jeans, white neat t-shirt, fancy scarf,

stylish sunglasses and comfortable sandals, Jennifer

Aniston is beyond perfect! Everyone will agree that it is

not hard to achieve this look. So what are you waiting

for? Shop a pair of new cool jeans, snow-white t-shirt and

trendy scarf for your best everyday style.



Dress style # 2



Another effortless dress style by Jennifer Aniston is this

sexy everyday  wear. Dressed in mini denim shorts with

protruding pockets (this season the sticking out

pockets have just come back in fashion) and loose

T-shirt the super star looks natural and attractive at the

same time.






Dress style # 3


Terrific! Have you ever seen the actress in more seductive garments? In this alluring leather apparel along with the black suede knee length heeled boots every woman will look gorgeous. Enhance your femininity with this daring outfit!

Dress style # 4


Let’s shift to the business casual style with the following smart outfit. Here Jennifer Aniston wears again suede knee length heeled boots but this time in brown by Salvatore Ferragamo, tastefully matched with brown pencil skirt, classic trench coat and stylish warm Rag and Bon scarf. This dress definitely gives the working woman a modern flare.

Dress style # 5

Tom ford

This fine Tom Ford dress and elegant Christian Louboutin black pointed pumps are also perfect for the business ladies, not only when they run their business but also when they are out of duty.

Dress style # 6

flirty floral















Here is something we rarely can see Jennifer Aniston to wear but the outfits for sure flatter her body and highlight her lively nature. In blue Christian Dior printed dress and black Casedei Sandals (left) and fabulous printed Prada dress, matched with Gucci nude shoes (right), the actress hits the fashion floor!

Floral print dresses are in vogue, we can spot almost every super star wearing such dress. Why not get one for the next party you attend and be focus of attention?

Dress style # 8

pleated skirt



Black is Jennifer Aniston’s colour.  At almost every formal event she relies  on black. And we cannot deny that  this bewitching Emanuel Ungaro pleated skirt, see-through top and pretty Christian Louboutin sueded  pumps fit her perfectly!








Dress style # 9


The last Jennifer Aniston’s dress style is again elegant and black, ideal for evening events. In Alexander McQueen dress and shoes, the actress positively deserves the name A Style Queen.








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Get inspired by one of the most divine and fashionable women, Jessica Alba. Whether at the red carpet, in films, or on the street, she always strikes with stylish look. Her clothes, hair, and accessories are in harmony and follow the latest trends.

The business lady and mom adores brands such as Giuseppe Zanotti, Versace, Gucci, D&G, Christian Louboutin, Michael Kors, which make her look exceptionally fashionable. We often can detect Jessica Alba with garments by famous fashion designers tastefully matched with luxurious jewelries and modish bags. When casual, Jessica Alba usually wears hats and sunglasses, which have become a distinguishing mark for her style.

The heroine from “Sin City” is always in vogue and is said to be one of the most fashionable stars in the film industry. She likes to experiment and many a time she combines boots with summer dresses, likes layered clothing and prefers bright colors.

Here are some of Jessica Alba’s outfits. If you want to impress others with good taste of clothing, no matter on special occasions or when running your daily errands you should borrow some ideas from Jessica Alba’s style.

Dress style # 1

3. Whoever said black


This is a vision, which you can easily get. It is very simple, but at the same time stylish. A mix of classic colours: blue and black is enough to get a dashing appearance. What you need are jeans, a cobalt blue blouse, black overall and black boots. Jessica Alba compensates this plain outfit with accessories. The blue hat goes with the colour of the blouse, where the necklace and the watch match the decorations of the boots and the bag. When planning your everyday style, think about this comfortable and trendy outfit.

Dress style # 2



Another easy to get casual look, inspired by Jessica Alba is this great combination of pants and floral tuxedo blazer. The actress has chosen again black and blue colours for her outfit. The amazing perforated shoes definitely draw the attention. Combine your old jeans with a white blouse, high heels and floral jacket, add a shiny jewelry and make people stare at you.

Dress style # 3


Easy and effortless outfit for negligee days. A white

shirt and jeans, combined with a stylish leather bag

by Giuseppe Zanotti  andcomfortable leather shoes

by Loeffler Randall. The golden ornaments of the

bag matched with the gold watch excite the plain

outfit. Put your sunglasses and stroll with

confidence, likea star!


Dress style # 4

Jessica is sheer perfection in this Ralph Lauren frock and sweater

Jessica Alba is an example of sheer perfection. The skillful combination of black elegant sweater, delicate skirt and chic sandals give her a real lady look. To the unadorned and simple toilette the actress has added gentle, dainty jewelries, and dark sunglasses. The hairstyle, along with the sleek bag complete her glamorous look.

Dress style # 5



As we have already said, Jessica Alba adores

layered clothing and experiments when

choosing her dress. The cool sweater by

Heartloom and the perforated lamb

skin glossy pants by PAM&GELA matched with

exquisite black shoes by Diane von

Furstenberg are perfect for hanging out

with friends.





Dress style # 6


Lively and colourful outfits for the sunny days! Jessica Alba looks gorgeous in these summer dresses. The rose printed dress by Michael Kors and extravagant platform sandals are more than stylish. Bring a festive mood with extraordinary floral dress. The blue frilly babydoll dress by Marc Jacobs is also fantastic, so sexy and feminine! Show off your femininity with sweet tender dresses.

Dress style # 7


Finally, something businesslike for the working women. Incredible suits in black and white by D&G and Narciso-Rodriguez. Elegant, classy and dazzling outfits for successful women!







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Undoubtedly, one of the most fashionable and sexy women in the world is the American actress, singer, dancer and designer Jennifer Lopez. The superstar is acknowledged with the Style Icon of the 2000–2010 decade Award, not only because of her contribution to music and film industry, but also because most of her outfits attract the media attention. Her style can be described with a single word – perfection. J. Lo adores dresses by Zuhair Murad, Michael Kors, Valentino, Versace, Gucci, and many other famous designers. Another distinctive feature for J. Lo’s style are the massive, oversize jewelries, especially when they are by the jeweler house of Cartier.

Jennifer Lopez pays attention to every detail of her clothing and every time she looks totally different: flirty, sexy, dazzling, formal, businesslike, extravagant, seductive, sophisticated, street style, casual, sporty, flashy, etc. Whatever the star wears, she always shows off her curvy shapes.

See several J. Lo’s dress styles and learn how to look fabulous. Make your own much cheaper version of the American Idol by wearing clothes like hers:

Dress style # 1 Be sexy and hot like the famous Hollywood’s lady:


In black and gold  Versace dress the  singer looks amazing.  So charming and attractive, no one can resist such  beauty! The gold plated dress  with the gold clutch is matched with serious   black high heels and  enormous fascinating    earrings – a real temptation!


In fresh orange mini dress by  Isis Angle  J. Lo is more than  cool! The asymmetrical dresshighlights her fit body – perfectly shaped legs and delicate, feminine shoulders. The gold jewelries and the  refined  beige pumps excellently go with this dress.  Bright, lively, “scanty”, this terrific dress definitely can get every man turned on!

Dress style # 2 Chic, inspiring street style from “Jenny from the block”:


Jennifer Lopez with a fantastic casual outfuit. The accent is on the jeans   – denim cotton croc embossed jeans  by Barbara Bui. The extraordinary design of the jeans  – exciting patterns, pockets, zips contrasts with the plain white t-shirt. Her hair is thrown up, revealing large earrings, which match the golden comfortable sandals by Dolce Vita.


A relaxed, unpretentious but  at  the same time fashionable street style with Michael Kors’ tartan plaiddouble breasted fur collar wool coat and dashing white wedge sneakers by Giuseppe Zanotti. To the classic  informal blue jeansand white top is given subtle elegance with these splendid furs and shoes. An effective combination of simple and bombastic, this outfit is ideal for “off-duty” occasions.

Dress style # 3 Elegant, dazzling and gorgeous like a celebrity:

100dress_lopez_1_200x400A brilliant choice for those of you  who seek  glamour.

This daring dress in  delicate orange colour with a

sparkling belt  will leave everyone speechless.   The

Michael Kors’ chef d’oeuvre  balances the curves of the

singer, giving sense of harmony and exquisite taste of

fashion. The crisscross matches the accessories and

accents on the star chiseled waist. The design of the

dress highlights the feminine bust and the tanned skin of J. Lo.



This passionate strapless dress by  Lanvin and nude

high heels by  Christian Louboutin are what you  need

to be a sex symbol. Elegant and at  the  same time

alluring this outfit reveals the  beauties of the star, giving

her  exquisite  and glowing look. Definitely, red is J. Lo’s

colour ,  because  it completely corresponds to her

explosive nature.



Brilliant, unique, cool, this is J. Lo’s style!






































































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Victoria Beckham has become a by-word for elegance and exquisite fashionable style. The former Spice Girl is always seen dressed in vogue. Her excellent sense of fashion impresses – charming, smart, posh, luxurious, and yet restrained and simple. She is never “too much” – minimal accessories, matched with stylish toilette, without being tawdry – she is the epitome of grace.  With her eye for fashion, it is not surprising that she has become such a successful designer. Her own brand VB strikes with its classiness, refinement, and brilliance. A lot of celebrities (Beyoncé, Demi Moore, Eva Longoria, Katy Perry) trust her taste for fashion and wear her garments proudly.

Victoria Beckham indisputably is acknowledged as a fashion icon. She knows how to dress the female body to flatter it, to make it more enchanting and womanish. At the same time in her outfits we can sense a balance between sexiness and formality.

Refine your dressing with some Victoria Beckham fashion styles ideas:

Dress style #1


Victoria Beckham in a simple, comfortable, easy to get

casual outfit. Dressed in black Balenciaga Cady Cape-

Top, black R13  Kate Skinny Jeans, and high heels, the

singer looks cool, without any special efforts. She has

picked clothes which harmonize and accented

them with oversized glasses and a bag she has



Dress style #2
















Here is something more businesslike. This impressive attire is suitable for work, as well as for leisure activities. In elegant Balmain Leopard Printed Ponyskin Pencil Skirt, classy black Manolo Blahnik pumps, and dashing suede shoulder bag from her fashion collection, the star is a true lady. Try such elegant outfit and get the attention you are looking for.

Dress style #3



Another easy to realize Victoria Beckham’s dress style. Pinch it!  It’s a piece of cake! In black jeans, and fresh Celine Spring Knit Top, David Beckham’s wife looks girlish and trendy. Undoubtedly, the ALAIA Boots are the main focus of this outfit. They give the apparel a seductive touch.

Dress style #4



Simple but tasteful, this is how we can describe the pop singer’s casual dress style. In fashionable, vivid top, sleek Christian Louboutin boots, skinny jeans and white Victoria Beckham handbag, the designer excites with her polished street style.

Dress style #5





Little black dress – this eternally à la mode outfit is Victoria Beckham’s favourite. The star is seen many a time in short leg-revealing black dresses, often combined with attractive shoes. The classic black dress is contrasted with vivid orange Christian Louboutin pumps or Chrisitan Louboutin rose gold Catwoman shoes. When you attend a party, remember your little black dress!

Dress style #6

Don’t forget the bright colours! You may love your black garments, but it’s high time for you to think about something lively and radiant. In neon flower print dress by Marc Jacobs, Victoria Beckham looks really daring.

When the dress code allows more freedom in the selection of colours of the apparel, give your creativity wings!



Dress style #7



Another magnificent sleeveless dress made of soft silk and eye-catching details: blue, red, and brown prints, belt, and collar. The color of the dress matches the colour of the high heels and the bag. This smart dress shows off the singer’s slim body. It is elegant, but unfussy, which make is multifunctional – suitable for work, for everyday and special occasions.

Dress style #8


A tidy look with a snowy short dress. This pure white dress is also perfect for different occasions. On the one hand, it is sexy, body flattering and revealing, which makes it ideal for parties and dating, on the other hand, the collar and the neat design, make it suitable for the professional wardrobe.

Dress style #9



Victoria Beckham like a heavenly angel.

A unique fairy white dress with angel wings with fur, matched with glittering silver shoes and dainty jewelry. Every woman should have such lovely delicate, bright apparel which reminds of an angel.

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990-celebrity_beyonce_knowles_wallpaper beyonce-knowles-deushka-shlyapag557


Although the opinions about the singer’s dress style are rather controversial, no one can deny that she has sparked fashion trends. Beyoncé is the favourite pop star of many music lovers and a great part of them tries to imitate her fashion style.

The talented diva is known for her curvy and tempting body shapes, which she undoubtedly knows how to dress to accent on them.

When on the stage, the singer always strikes with unique outfit, splendid hair dress and flawless make-up, leaving her fans in euphoria. When off-duty, Beyoncé is often spotted in neat, comfortable casual clothing. The celeb adores Gucci, Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, D&G. Her street and stage style is always eye-catching and totally inspirational.

Here are some Beyoncé dress styles to help you develop your own “flawless” fashion style!

Dress style # 1


Beyoncé in a cute Topshop Asymmetric silk rope print dress, suitable for everyday or special events. Printed dresses are among the latest high fashion trends. This cream- coloured dress, Christian Louboutin metallic leather pumps, and modish Jerome Dreyfuss fur bag give sense of calm, warmth, tenderness – perfect way to underline your radiant and positive nature.

Dress style # 2

blue notch jeansBeyonce_and_Jay_Z_at_Pastis_restaurant_in_New_York_City_(12


Beyoncé street style is really cool. In Blue Notch’s skinny jeans with braces, red overall, striped shirt, glossy heeled pumps and oversized glasses, the singer is awesome. The accessories (Beyoncé likes them a lot) go with the colour of the jacket and the braces. For a stunning casual look try this Beyoncé outfit.

Dress style # 3



Incredible Beyoncé apparel in warm skin tones. Elegant creamy flared pants, immaculately white shirt, Chanel tweed jacket, a python bag and wool baret – sheer perfection. The Chanel brooch and necklaces, as well as the huge gold earrings complete this dazzling outfit. Try this terrific pick of casual clothing to feel relaxing and stylish at your leisure time.

Dress style # 4



Here is something for the business ladies and all women

who prefer the more sophisticated outfits. In Tanya

Taylor dotted Lambskin blouse, Herve Leger black pencil

skirt, and Louis Vuitton chain bag Beyoncé looks

polished and well groomed. This is a simple toilette with

minimal accessories – revealing a good taste in fashion

and  suitable for the active, successful woman.


Dress style # 5


Sexy and in vogue is Beyoncé in this Stylestaker Love on top romper. Printed, legs – revealing, matched with heeled sandals, this outfit is great for your party nights!

Dress style # 6



Clad in refined, elegant black and white Osman by Osman Yousefzada jumpsuit matched with high heels, and small chic purse, the singer is simply the best. Her hair in ponytail, her lips in intense red, her attire neat and classy, thus shall the modern woman look. 

Dress style # 7



Embrace this dotty Beyoncé outfit.  A trendy formal Marc Jacobs dress in red and green, matched with oversized turquoise earrings, serious pumps and a smart black crocodile bag – an original outfit to highlight your exquisite taste in fashion.

Dress style # 8


Beyoncé is divine in this floral attire. Discover the high fashion with this amazing silk Gucci gown!



Dress style # 9


Posh, glittering, starry, Beyoncé

is stunning in this Dolce & Gabbana

gold star dress!

Improve your dress style,

keep it fashionable!



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The American-Cuban actress always looks glamorous even when she is off stage. Obsessed with “Pretty Woman”, the actress never fails to highlight her femininity and beauty.

One of the sex symbols in the American film industry, Eva Mendes demonstrates exquisite style – an example of good taste and charm. The film star and model loves the vintage-inspired fashion and can often be spotted in vintage outfits with modern flare.

Whatever “the Fun Fearless Female” wears, she always exudes confidence, lure, and Cuban spirit. Elegant, neat, and at the same time very daring, Eva Mendes is one of the American fashion idols.

What is more, the actress has launched her own fashion collection to inspire and show ladies how to be tempting not only at a formal evening party but also when perform their daily chores.


Here are some Eva Mendes’s dress styles to pinch!

Dress style # 1

Dotty for her!  stylish powder pink polka dot shirt dress  rose printed frockhe accentuated her tiny middle by cinching in the waist witblack belt and wore a pair of chiceige patent leather Christian Louboutin

The passion of Eva Mendes for vintage

clothing is obvious. Something retro is

always present in her style but in a new

modern way. For example, this dotty

powder pink dress stays very modish,

the belt highlights the waist, and the

contemporary jewelries give the final

touches to her style.

The neat pink overall along with the chic

pointed high heels by Christian

Louboutin in nude and the sunglasses

create very effective look. Classy and at

the same time very dashing.

Look at your mom’s wardrobe, you can

find a fantastic dress! Give it a modern

touch and proudly show it off!


Dress style # 2

Free People  Floral Short Sleeve Dress

Another comfortable retro dress with modern flavor.

Delicate, floral, knee- length dress by Free People,

perfect for your free time.

Matched with casual shoes by Chloe and a big brown

leather bag, this outfit is a fantastic stylish resolution

for the “multifunctional woman”.




Dress style # 3

Looking fabulous as always, Eva Mendes wearing an Anna Molinari off the shoulder shift dress for the 2007 Cannes Film Festival.

Elegant, flirty, and fashionable,

this off the shoulder shift dress

by Anna Molinari is really cool

for party or when you are in the

company of someone special.

The high heels accent on the

actress’s fit legs, while the

naked well- shapedshoulders

spread charm everywhere!






Dress style # 4

With one flirty dress after another, it seems Eva might be giving a nodUnderneath she tucked black patterned fishnet stockings into black leather ankle boots, showing just enough skin to play up her toned legs

One flirty dress after another, Eva Mendes knows how to attract attention. This impressive short dotty dress in passionate red along with the fishnet stockings into black and leather ankle boots stays so alluring and at the same time natural. The outfit reveals the perfect legs of the actress in a very sexy, without being vulgar way.

Dress style # 5



Here is something sophisticated for formal

occasions. With this  long silk dress by

Lanvin, the model looks more

confident and dazzling than ever.

The belt is in harmony with the gold

jewelries and the golden Cicley Clutch bag.

This outfit in warm brown and golden tones

will make you look glowy!





Dress style # 6

eva mendes yellow valentinomendess long yellow DG gown oversized bow

One of the favourite colours of Eva Mendes is yellow. It is very trendy at the moment and highlights her tanned skin.

In a delicate lace Valentino dress and long D&G yellow gown with enormous bow, the actress looks really stunning.  Soft, womanish, fairy, with these outfits you’ll be a real lady.

Dress style # 7

Eva+Mendes+Scarves+Fur+Scarf+CFK0U9hJSMolEva Mendes arrives at MTV in New York City

In a posh red lace dress by D&G, matched with refined black high heels and a luxurious fur stole (right) and a dainty pink dress, pointed shoes and sleek Michael Kors bag (left), Eva Mendes is an expression of pure elegance.

Dress style # 8




In a Gucci bright red dress and lipstick, Eva Mendes is truly terrific, irresistible, enchanting!


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One of the most daring dressers of all times, Rihanna always surprises her fans with impressive, often almost- naked outfits, which attract the media attention. The Caribbean Queen is not afraid to wear a designer dress and trainers, revealing outfits, and sexy leather garments. Her “scandalous” gowns are among the most discussed in the world’s media.

Many a time has Ri-Ri pushed the boundaries with her style: everchainging hairstyle, numerous tattoos, brilliant jewelries, provocative dresses, and of course her red lipstick.

The Barbados Babe has turned into a fashion icon, emblematic for her rebellious, fearless, and sexy looks. Her style can be described as a style to inspire!

See some of the singer’s inspirational outfits and steal ideas how to improve your own style!

Dress Style #1

Rihanna posted a picture at the White House wearing a Stella Jean Barbara Layered

The first outfit we present is very sophisticated and ladylike. This bright, exquisite Barbara Layered- Shirt Printed Dress by Stella Jean is tastefully matched with a pair of Manolo Blahnik’ Chaos Suede Sandals and a black leather bag by Balmain Pierre. This combination of knee-length dress, shirt and high heels is suitable for the business ladies who want to impress with a good taste in fashion.

Dress Style #2


Here is the proof that the diva loves experiments. The same Manolo Blahnik’ Chaos Suede Sandals from the picture above, which Rihanna has worn with the elegant dress, now are part of far more informal style. Obviously the pair of shoes goes also with simple cut out jeans by Citizens of Humanity and striped shirt by Isabel Marant Étoile. The diamond body chain by Jacquie Aiche adds glammour to this casual outfit.

Dress Style #3


Fantastic and comfortable outfit for the cold days: modish, skinny jeans by Balmain Homme (Rihanna’s favourite), Timberland’s boots and stylish double-breasted coat from Isabel Marant Étoile. The eco colours blue, brown, and olive – are perfect if you are looking for dashing and comfy fall/winter outfit.

Dress Style #4



This incredible must have outfit is suitable for work as well as for your leisure time. Perfect for denim lovers, the Calvin Klein’s denim shirt goes extremely well with the light blue high pen skirt and coquettish goat leather blue wallet. The singer has put accent on the toilette by adding these fabulous glossy nude pumps by Christian Louboutin and the extraordinary cap. You can as well put on jeans instead of skirt and again the result will be the same: pure perfection!

Dress Style #5























Here is something for the fans of black and white. At the moment polka dots are very trendy. This chic dress by Chanel is suitable for party, work or why not dating? Very classy and cute, the mid-length dress can easily be combined with black, white or nude shoes. Show up with this unique dress and leave the “audience” speechless.

Dress Style #6


Sweet, girlish look in a soft, refined, pink dress by Dior. If you prefer candy colours, this sleeveless dress in pink – one of the Monsieur Dior’s favourite colours will highlight your femininity and put you in a better mood.  The smooth, pointed shoes and the Vintage Butterfly Crystal Malice Denim Shoulder Bag again by Christian Dior complete the enchanting look of Rihanna. Every woman should have at least one pink dress in her wardrobe for special occasions.

Dress Style #7


white dress

Two more suggestions for brilliant, dazzling look, inspired by Rihanna. Strappless, below the knee tight dresses in classy black (Dolce & Gabbana) and white (Hervé Leger), high heels and Cartier jewelries – for a divine, irresistible look.














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