The perfect bag for a lady lawyer

What is the perfect bag for a female lawyer? As this bag is designed for a hard working and active lady, who seeks a sophisticated and professional look it definitely must be a special bag. The ideal lady lawyer bag should be a balance between stability, functionality, elegance, quality and femininity.

When women occupied in the field of law buy bags they pay attention to several crucial factors: size, quality, straps, functionality, and last but not least aesthetic.

1. Size always matters – especially true when concerning lawyers’ bags. No one can imagine a serious and successful lawyer with a small bag. It is logical, even that the busy lawyer, who constantly deals with documentation, attends meetings with clients and often goes to the courtroom needs a substantial bag to carry all the papers, pens, stamps, technologies, etc. When it is a woman lawyer, she needs an extra space for her personal belongings (makeup, glasses, bands, medicines, etc.) which means the bigger is the lawyer bag, the better.
2. As we said lawyers carry a lot of things in their bags, which means that the bag should be extremely durable. What is more, every self-respecting lawyer cannot appear in the court with a shabby and torn bag, especially if it is a woman. A bag made of firm leather will last for a longer period, and all the papers will be in a safe place. A well-kept bag of high-quality is a reflection of a prosperous lawyer career.
3. This may seem a meaningless detail, but for the female lawyer straps are a significant factor, when choosing a bag. The lawyer bag, which in most cases contains at least a laptop and different types of documents, is heavy. If the straps are thin, they may cause pain, digging into your flesh – very uncomfortable. Therefore, the requirement for a lawyer bag is that its straps should be wide and long enough to be placed over the shoulder.
4. The women’s bags must be multi-functional, but when the women are lawyers this demand is even greater. The bag is supposed to have several separate compartments, so that the items in it to be well organized. A padded compartment for the laptop or other technology is preferable, because sometimes lawyer keeps some useful information there. A special compartment for pens, business cards and personal possessions is also necessary. Lawyers’ bags must have an organized interior and must answer the professional needs of the women, representatives of this job.
5. Finally, a lady lawyer needs a bag with a feminine design. She does not want to carry the masculine boring briefcases, but something more inspirational, more delicate, and more womanly. The perfect female lawyer’s bag must reflect the personality of the business woman. It has to feel good, to be elegant, made of the most exquisite, soft leather.

Here we present some of the most wanted lady lawyers’ bags:

- Solo Vintage: Made of high – quality leather body, with padded compartments to protect the essential staff, stylish and affordable, this beautiful bag will satisfy the needs of every business lady.
- Piel Hobo: A soft leather for feminine feel, a big size, handcrafted, with wide straps and very durable, this bag is a real treasure for the women lawyers.
- Knomo Henderson: Very formal, with an adjustable long wide strap, made of high-quality leather, it is among the most desirable lawyers’ bags.
- Wigmore : A leather briefcase with an organized interior for neatly arranged documents, a separate laptop pouch, made of very high quality leather, ideal for business events.
- Michael Kors Jet Set : A fashionable, very smart and functional bag. Made of soft leather, this bag is a pure reflection of the business, strong and at the same time delicate woman.
- MZ Wallace bags- Kate: An amazing bag with 10 interior pockets for the woman, who is always well prepared. You can take everything you need and yet there will be enough room for your staff. This bag has a very stylish design, and will meet all the lawyers’ needs for functionality and quality.
- Louis Vuitton: One of the most desired brands, when speaking about bags. This leather bag has a real business look, made of firm leather, it is tough enough to carry all your lawyer staff, giving you a sense of comfort and style.
- McKlein bag : The last suggestion is a rolling bag, for those who travel a lot. You can wheel this bag, instead of carrying it, especially when it is too heavy. With a very formal design and padded compartments, everything will be well organized there. Although the model is not very feminine, the leather it is made of, is the most delicate and refined you’ve ever touched.

For all women lawyers who want to look professional and fashionable these bags are the perfect final touch to their business style.

How to look young and stylish in the office at a decent price

You have just started your first job in office. You are the youngest one, but you want to look confident and fashionable. We all know that our behaviour and appearance are crucial for the impression we will make. Therefore, we should be dressed appropriately and with taste.

However, when you open your closet what you see are t-shirts, pairs of jeans and two or three more formal garments for interviews and special occasions. You want to look elegant at work and to be respected by your colleagues. If you come to work with a t-shirt it will be a sign of your immaturity – something you definitely don’t want to demonstrate. On the other hand, you don’t to wear clothes which you find suitable for your mom and are too expensive for your budget. So, what to do?

The answer is simple. Always seek the golden mean. First of all, before buying something take a look in Internet, there you’ll find a good deal of information about what is appropriate to wear in office, which are the modern colours and fabrics at the moment, how to combine designs and patterns for an incredible vision. After you have some basic knowledge about what is in vogue, open your closet and see which of your clothes can be in some way used as part of your new formal style. Then make a plan what you have to buy to complete the sophisticated outfit.

When your plan is ready, you can start shopping. Make a research where you can find a discount and begin with the shop tours. Having a plan what to buy is helpful, because you’ll not spend money on things you don’t need. Another good idea is to shop online. Many of the online stores offer high-quality products at a low price. What is more, you can compare prices; choose between a variety of models, colours and sizes.

However, bear in mind that you are still young, so you should choose outfits which are not too formal. Buy something that you can also wear in more casual atmosphere in order to save money. Your clothes should be tasteful, refined, but at the same time appropriate for your age.


Here are several tips, what you need to look glamorous in the office at affordable prices:


#1  Fresh and professional – Alight knee-length lace skirt in combination with high –heeled  nude shoes and more formal white shirt and a blue sweater over it. These warm and light colours will highlight your juvenile spirit. Manage your hair neatly and you will look great!


#2 Daring and businesslike – This outfit is very provoking and at the same time appropriate for more formal occasions. A classy black pants, business white shirt in contrast with shoes with leopard print and extraordinary accessories. You will look fantastic, professional and at the same time not too serious. What is more, you can wear these shoes not only in office but also at the party.


#3 Gentle and polished –  This third suggestion is very womanly. An elegant dress, a candy cardigan, sweet blue shoes and stylish jewelries will give you a sophisticated and very business appearance. You will look professional and up-to-date.


You cannot change your style at once, so don’t spend a lot of money on new clothes as soon as you start working. Be patient, wait to save some money and before buy something, always think twice – is the attire suitable for work and for everyday occasions – if yes take it!

A fashionable wardrobe in budget


Clothes may say a lot about a woman – her habits, lifestyle, and status. Therefore, every woman strives to wear expensive, branded apparels to highlight her refined style and beauty. But how to achieve a gorgeous appearance when our budget is limited?

Actually, to look great on a budget is not a mission impossible. What you need only is a strategy! Create a shopping plan and be cool for less.


Being fashionable doesn’t mean that you should run out of money. Before you go shopping make a research where you can find superb clothes at a discount, see what type of cloth you need, what colour lacks in your closet and make the best investment ever. If you are not sure whether you can control yourself, then call a friend to help you with shopping.


One last thing that you should take into account when shopping is to check your wardrobe thoroughly and see what misses there. For example, if you have a stylish black dress, do not buy another one, but think about a new scarf or chick jewelry to create a more dramatic effect. Be careful not to buy one and the same garments. You don’t need a lot clothes of the same fabric and colours, what you need is diversity of designs, colours and models, so you can use your creative skills and combine different styles, accessories and shoes for an incredible modern look.


Here we come with several suggestions for being in vogue and in budget:


#1 Online shopping – it gives you a chance to compare prices, brands, to choose between more colors and sizes and before all to get branded products at a low price. Another advantage of the online stores is that clients don’t have to lose time in shop tours when everything they need is easily attainable. Save more money and time and buy new hot clothes from Internet at a fair price.


#2 Make a list – put down what new things you need to add or to match with your existing stock of clothes and get a stylish appearance without spending money on things you already have in your closet. For example, you love your old comfortable jeans, then not spend your money on a new pair of jeans but buy some dressy t-shirt to match with the jeans – this is a wise investment!


#3 No impulsive decisions – Sometimes when we don’t know what we actually need we give a good deal of money for some piece of clothing which we will wear only once. When you are in a tight budget, this is irrational. So, you can make photos of the clothes you have and go to the accessory shop and buy several appropriate “embellishments”.


#4 Visit  special shops  – Why not, instead of looking in the expensive boutiques, check some confiscated goods shops or second- hand shops? You can find there some amazing things of high- quality and at a reasonable price.


#5 Make new friends – Try to become closer with the shop assistants at the stores you visit – now you have a bigger chance to be the first to learn about the fantastic sale that is coming. Moreover, your new friends can give you some helpful advice how to look trendy.


Follow these tips and be awesome in budget!

Look trendy on a tight budget

Every woman on this planet has at least once said: “I don’t have anything appropriate in my wardrobe to wear!”  A major part of the female representatives face this problem daily, especially when they are on a limited budget.


You want to be impressive, to acquire a new, fresh and fashionable appearance, but your clothes seem out fashioned, dull and too boring? You want a new wardrobe, something special, different from your everyday style but your funds are restricted? Don’t panic! Follow these steps and look fashionably for less!


-          First of all, you should calm down, and remember NO impulsive and unpractical purchases. You cannot update your wardrobe instantly, so be patient and gradually change your old style with a new one.


-          Bear in mind that your budget is limited, which means you should carefully plan your new outfit. Think what you need most of all and don’t buy clothes you will put only once. If you are not sure how to manage your new style, get a professional help. There are so many ideas shared in Internet, feel free to experiment!


-          Look for something eye-catching, which will make the ordinary outfit outstanding. Try a new colourful blouse or funky bag with flowers or butterflies or high-heel leather booties or just a bright trendy scarf and you’ll get an entirely new and stylish vision.


-           Don’t completely get rid of your old clothes. Try to combine them in different ways until you acquire unique and fashionable attire. You can try layered clothing and turn the boring and simple garments into an original outfit. For example, you can use your old jacket to cover the sunny dress, add leggings and now you have a completely new and chick gear.


-          Combine feminine and masculine. Take some ideas from your partner, for instance if you work in office, try something more businesslike, such as an elegant shirt and tie, a blazer, skirt, and high- heel shoes. You will look more confident and your clients will be impressed.


-          If your budget is restricted, then don’t be ashamed of visiting the nearby second-hand shop. There, you can come across some treasure-trove. For example, old but splendid jewelries or some high-quality bag or tremendous sun glasses. You never know what a striking effect the retro elements may cause upon your style.


-          Be creative! Except that you can combine your old cloths to get a new style, you can also change your old clothes. For example, the boring white t-shirt, can become a real chef d’oeuvre by adding some modern printing. You can also add some colourful organza to your denim mini skirt.


-          Finally, never stop trying new things with your hair and make – up. If you want to be in vogue, then always take care of your hairstyle. You don’t have to spend money on professional care, just try a new make up or hairstyle on your own and see how without spending much money you can acquire a new fashionable style.

Vibrant winter apparel

Summer is gone and cold days are coming ahead. It’s time to reorganize our wardrobe by putting away the light, colourful summer clothes and replace them with thick and warm ones. However, it doesn’t mean that we cannot preserve the summer hues in our autumn/winter outfit. Be bright and brilliant even in the gloomy days!


Why should your autumn and winter clothes be grey and dark? Is the dullness outside not enough depressing? Cheer up your winter attire and look fabulously in the dark days. However, be careful with the fabrics, you should look fresh and shiny but definitely not summery!


Here are several suggestions about how you can bring colour and spirit into the dull autumn/winter outfits.


  1. Let’s start with the coat. Forget about the black, dark brown or grey coats! Make a contrast with the gloominess outside and put on a bright green, yellow, red or candy coat. The more decorated the coat, the better. Choose a coat with dots, sweet ribbons or other embellishments and stand out as the most stylish and cheerful personality in the world!


  1. What about your black winter boots? – throw them away! Try something new – high-heel pink or blue suede booties – for a magnificent winter appearance!


  1. In the wintry days we always go back to our dear jeans. This season, however, we should give them a break.  Look around in the shop windows, there is a pair of new turquoise trousers which will reflect your bright mood.


  1. If you hold on your denim jeans, then think about a vivid top. A gorgeous oversized bright sweater is what you need to be fashionable and outstanding.


  1.   You have a date? Don’t be boring with a dull dark dress. Choose a warm knitted passionate red dress to get the feelings on fire.


  1. At your work place, under no condition be the darkest member of the team. On the contrary, be the most optimistic and colourful person in the office. Try a royal purple or rich coral blazer for an impressive business look.


  1. In your spare time, don’t forget to put a vivid yellow or pink pullover. A bright top will always enliven the atmosphere, and lead to the rise of the spirit.



  1. A magnificent purple scarf is a wonderful way to gain a chick and impressive appearance though the depressing weather.


  1. In the snowy days protect your head with a fantastic joyful lime hat!


  1. Finally, keep your feet warm and bright with party-coloured socks.


Winter is approaching, so be sure you have at least half of the garments and accessories we offer you for a stunning winter vision.

Always dress to impress

In a world of vanity, every woman puts efforts to look fashionable. Here are six basic tips for being fabulous all the time. Ladies would be amazed how by following several so simple rules they will be in vogue.


  1. Your bag – your accent!

We all know that the women’s bags are not just accessories,  bags are far more than that – they are a reflection of the women’s lives, style, habits, and most of all – keepers of the women’s secrets. Therefore, our bags should always be fantastic – colourful, textured, really impressive. Very popular at the moment are the bags in bright colours, in the shape of purses and with a top handle. Add such bag to your outfit and enjoy the attention of everyone!

  1. Gorgeous hair is an everyday rule!

How people would see you depends on what you’ll show them. Show them a greasy, damaged and unmanaged hair and you definitely will repulse everyone, but come with healthy, clean and framed hair, which emphasizes your features and get guys to chase you. Take care of your hair the way you take care of you body, be sure that you visit often your hairdresser and you have at least one product to nourish your hair. Never get out, without your hair being managed – straight hair, waves, locks, bun, no matter what you choose, your hairstyle should be brilliant.

  1. More clothes – more attention!

Try to combine more layers of clothing. However, be careful, not to look as a celebration cake. Layered clothing is very trendy, especially when you combine different fabrics, colours and styles. Layering allows us to use at the same time our summer, autumn, winter and spring clothes, which means we are not restricted in the selection of  garments and have much greater possibilities for clothing  at our disposal.  For example, you can put on your bright summer dress with big flowers in combination with your short autumn denim jacket over it. This outfit can be matched with your winter boots and with a spring cap. Do layering experiments and look cool all the time!

  1. A pair of sunglasses for an instant disguise

Sunglasses are always in mode – they are the perfect finish for a starry style. When we are in hurry and don’t have much time to gussy up, a pair of sunglasses will hide all flaws – tired or puffy eyes and completely can change our appearance. When choosing your sunglasses, take into consideration the following things – attractive frame, trendy colours and a rock accent. Never forget to wear your sunglasses everywhere you go and indulge into the bliss of being hot.

  1. Booties to boost your sexiness

You can put away all sneakers, sandals and sweet pums because what you need to look stylish are booties. Sleeky, black high heel booties will be the perfect finish for your outfit. Booties highlight the feminine and gentle nature of the women. What is more booties suit jeans, skirts, dresses, everything.  Find the right pair of booties for you, walk confidently and be sexy!


  1. Scarves for a vivacious appearance

Even the dullest clothes can become attractive when embellished with a nice colourful scarf. Buy several richly decorated scarves and use them to diversify the old clothes. Give a new and brighter look to your everyday outfit easily and cheaply. A vibrant scarf around your neck will always cheer you up!


Follow this simple tips to be an object of admiration!