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When it comes to women’s shoes, this season’s trends dictate that elegance in sports shoes will play a leading role.

Only a few years ago, the words “sneakers” and “femininity” were incompatible, but fashion has managed to create an unusual combination, by mixing two opposing concepts,  and proposing ideas for unique fashionable designs. Now we indulge our feet in colorful sports shoes in a great diversity of patterns, decorations, and petals. The sport footwear of 2015 is not only comfortable and practical but most of all effective.

Here are the main trends in sports shoes this spring:

1. Large Rubber Platforms:

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Thick rubber platforms are in vogue in sports shoes this season. The rubber outsole and the typical line of sports shoes designed to create comfort are complemented by bright colors and fascinating elements to introduce an elegance that is often forgotten in sports shoes. Not only that the thick platform softens every your step, but also keeps you in fashion.


2. Floral patterns:499b8519c9b27e1510fe84728b0adc7b64702807dcf088580a061396d26e8ac0collage2










In shoes like in clothing, floral patterns are hit. Sneakers, plimsolls or trainers are richly decorated with fancy colorful flowers. Everywhere you look you see an abundance of petals. The simple design is compensated with exquisite and fresh spring motiffs. Sports shoes with floral patterns are great for the gym as well for everyday use. The natural theme of the running shoes will definitely please the hiking lovers, because your feet will be at ease and in harmony with the surrounding environment.


3. Snake prints:

Snake-print sneakers attract attention, so with a pair of such shoes you will not stay unnoticed! The modern prints stand out, giving you a more stylish look. These catchy shoes are mainly a choice of the younger generation, because they go extremely well with sport as well as with party outfits. Matched with ripped jeans or trendy spring dress they put a fabulous accent! What is more, you can dance all night without torturing your feet, because the rubber soles will soften every dancing step you make!


4. Perforated lace design:

Athletic shoes with lace and perforation will adorn the feet this spring. Very feminine, delicate and stylish, these shoes suit, sport and casual gowns. They stand out with elegance touch, which gives the shoe a unique charm. These models are proof of the evolution of details in shoes.


5. Different color palette:

According to studies, the color of the shoes is crucial to the buyer. So in 2015 stores will await as with sports shoes in all colors of the rainbow. Yellow, purple, green, orange, aquamarine, ocher and white are among the trendiest colors in sports shoes this spring. For achieving a more attractive design, most sport shoes models combine various contrasting colours.


The new trends in shoes change the understanding that sports shoes are just for sport. It’s time to go in fashion with new colorful and “cheerful” sports shoes!

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The passion for dresses is inherent to the representatives of the gentle sex. One reason for that is because a dress can completely change the appearance of a woman. A well-known example is Cinderella – without the dress she would never turn into a princess. That is why, designers treat this special garment with utmost care and always have in store fascinating suggestions to please ladies and to highlight their femininity and beauty.

Stick to some of the latest trends in dresses and gain a stylish desirable look:

  1. Back in time – Presence of retro style details:

Contemporary fashion always brings something of the atmosphere of the past ages. Shapeless dresses, retro patterns, Marilyn Monroe-like cuts, huge bows, thin shoulder stripes, waist-belted dresses, polka dots or other prints reminding of  the 90s – vintage is back in fashion.


  1. Black and white synchronization: The classic is always a la moda:

In 2015, stylish dresses in the range of granite colours are trendy, especially to comply with the business and evening dinners dresss code. Amazingly, designers have intertwined the monochromic colours black and white, giving a sense of colourfulness. In the new spring-summer collections we can see intricate black and white geometric prints combined with lace creating a wonderful optical illusions hiding the body  flaws, making it perfectly symmetrical. To achieve a truly elegant look, accentuate the formal black-white gowns  with brilliant jewels and exquisite purses.



  1. Bright, floral, chiffon:

In the formal gowns this season there is a tendency for sensual care-free effect, achieved by warm sunny colours and light gossamer fabrics, highlighting the delicate and gentle figure of the woman. From the everyday dresses stream juvenile mood. They are a mixture of  delicately scented colourful bouquets, glowing butterfly fluttering, and cool aquamarine. Adorned with appropriate accessories, the new spring dresses emit irresistible charm.



  1. Attractive Floor-length dresses with splendor patterns:

This season long dresses are also in vogue. Made of lightweight fabrics, they are characterized with slightly romantic style, asymmetry and pleasant feminine colors. With deep necklines, one shoulder strap, or a very thin straps (vintage style),  formal or negligee, long dresses never go out of fashion. First because, almost each evening formal event requires long dresses, secondly because long dresses can hide a lot of flaws, and thirdly these dresses carry some kind of mystic and grace, that is why every fairy princess wears beautiful long dress.




5. Neat business dresses:

Business women, or those who have to attend meetings where the dress code is strictly observed deserve attention, too. For them, this season designers offer knee-length dresses of luxurious fabrics and simple design outlining the silhouette. The color spectrum of the business dresses comprises of classic black, dark blue and gray, but quite popular has become Marsala colour, bringing a whiff of fragrant wine elixir. You can always give the business dress a luxury touch with a dainty brooch.


  1. Must-have dress:

There is no summer, if you do not have a new flirty sundress to greet the upcoming exciting moments and parties!




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The sun is up and it gets hotter and hotter. It’s time to say goodbye to coats and thick winter outerwear and to go for the blazers. In a variety of colors, patterns and designs, blazers never go out of fashion. The classic blazer design has an elegant cut, resembling that of the formal jacket, which makes it suitable for  different occasions. We can wear blazers as part of casual-sport outfits or with formal gowns.


The curious thing about this timeless garment is that it is borrowed from the male wardrobe, but through the years, it has been completely womanized by adding decorations, prints, collars, and lapels.  Now the choices for  blazers are unlimited: short, long, with long or ¾ sleeves, slim-fitted, loose, with a fastening or without, with prints, with jewelry, with pockets, and most importantly covering the full spectrum of colors.

Here are our tips on how to combine a blazer with your clothes and accessories for achieving a cool spring look.

  1. According to the event.
    Depending on the occasion, match the outfit with suitable blazer. If you seek a casual or sport look, combine a cotton blazer with jeans and ballet pumps or sneakers. If the event is special and you want to look glamorous, choose for the party dress a sophisticated blazer made of fine fabrics and an exquisite design. For the workplace put on a blazer, which looks like a jacket and goes with business trousers, skirts, and formal shoes.collage9
  2. According to colour:
    In terms of color, there are no restrictions, but if you are looking for something hot, choose a model in vivid colors. Among the contemporary colors are yellow, aquamarine, coral, and marsala. However, you will never go wrong if you stick to the classic black or white (which will give you more freedom when combining clothes).collage88
  3. According to what I have in my closet:
    Blazers can be matched with almost everything. Some of the most often seen combinations are: a blazer with jeans and sneakers, a blazer with trousers or skirt and ballerina pumps, a blazer with a dress and high heels.collage8888
  • With jeans
    A blazer, jeans and sports shoes – this is classic; Whenever you want to cut a trendy dash with a casual look think about this outfit. It is suitable for hanging out with friends or for other not formal arrangements. The best thing is it’s quite comfortable!


  • With trousers
    If you need to be dressed more smartly match a chic blazer with fancy pants. We encourage you to be more creative and to make a contrast by combining a blazer in a lighter tone with dark trousers and vice versa. You can wear formal shoes as well as high heels to achieve a modish elegant look.collage6
  • With skirts
    Blazers perfectly go with both short and long skirts. It is important to mind the type of the skirt: high-waisted, short, retro, below the knees, or A-line in order  to choose the most suitable blazer. Be experimental and create a catching match!collage5
  • With dresses
    Really imposing fashion at the moment is the combination of a stylish dress, fine shoes and a posh blazer. So if you don’t have a new stunning blazer, your mission is to find at least one!


  • Accessories
    Create an expressive, splendid outfit by adding  some accessories matching or contrasting with the blazer. For example: an exquisite purse, oversized necklace, lovely watch, colorful scarf, dashy hat or any other favorite accessory you hide in your closet!


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An enchanting spectrum of pastel and electric colours shell dress our bodies this season. Sweeping strokes of MARSALA, AQUAMARINE, and YELLOW are compulsory in our spring wardrobe.



Secure your closet with attires and accessories tinctured in all shades of these three colours to be sure you are in vogue!

  1. Marsala


The name of this enticing colour comes from the name of the famous Italian wine – Marsala. It’s a fine Sicilian wine with rich aroma and sappy sweet taste, very much resembling cherry liqueur. Its specific flavor with a note of cherry makes it the best wine for cooking. That is why, Marsala wine is essential ingredient in the Gourmet Kitchen.

It delights not only the palate but also the eyes. The shades of marsala – amber, deep brown, burgundy, oxblood arouse sensuality and warmth. It is not surprising, that fashion designers have chosen this seductive colour for their new collections.

Clothes and accessories in this shade give a mystic edge to the overall appearance: like a beautiful, delicate, radiant orchid evoking simultaneously passion, geniality, confidence, and solidity.

Apparels in soul-stirring marsala shades highlight feminininity and woman’s sensuality. That is why, a great deal of bridemaids choose their dresses to be in this divine colour. See some suggestions for fashionable spring-summer outfits blushed with marsala tint. Stay true to the fashion trends and match the toilette with marsala shoes and accessories!



2. Aquamarine


An exotic, vibrant, and potential colour, arousing sesnses of tropical kiss, freedom, relaxation, and calmnes. Give a nice touch to your figure with a brightly sea-coloured dress.

We are familiar with the power of the gemstone aquamarine- the owner of the gem is bestowed with courage, beauty, and youth. Similarly when clad in aquamarine we gain a  more vital and positive appearance. Here are some ideas for cool aquamarine gears, shoes, bags, and of course jewelry:



3. Yellow


Another sensational colour, symbolically loaded with a lot of meanings. It is related to the Solar Chakra and is also known as the colour of gold. At the moment this vivid, dazzling colour in its variety of shades (pale daffodil, mustard, pine apple, Tuscan sun, corn, banana, lemon, candle glow, custard, etc.) is hit. Sunny, bright clothes are the best you can put on to cheer your day! Be careful – yellow is addictive! Here are our suggestions for happy spring suits in yellow:



Finally, check out the spring outfits presented in some of the latest fashion shows of Ralf Lauren, Oscar de la Renta, and D&G:


Ralf Lauren Ready-to-wear spring 2015 collectioncollage888888880909


Oscar de la Renta spring 2015collageuuuu88888888


D&G spring 2015collage00000000099

Add a pinch of zest for fashion by refreshing your wardrobe with refulgent tints. Choose your favourite shades of the wide palette of marsala, aquamarine, and yellow colours and show off with exquisite sartorial taste.




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Master the streetstyle of Spring 2015


We all were eager to find out what the fashion giants have in store for the new season. And like a kid in a candy shop we were so excited to see the latest runway reviews in Milan, Paris, London, and New York. Spectacular, inspiring, vivid apparels matched with impressive shoes and accented with eye-catching hats and accessories.

Let the spring spirit out of the bottle by stealing some fresh ideas for your street style from the fashion “hotspot”. Take a look at these outfits chosen for the Fashion Week in London and Paris and see what is in fashion on the street.

  1. From Paris with Love:

YELLOW – the reigning colour of 2015. No matter what you put on, if it is yellow (lemon, melon, golden, banana, honey, custard, mustard) you are in vogue!fc26e49d59aed7d679fb11752395b9db

Bright colours for cheerful mood! Polka Dots, vivid hues, prints on garments, bags, and shoes – that’s chic!f2ce31641002b2f1eed9d31adfc788fc

Yellow – once again! Saturated colours, flower-reminding look, and shoes totally not matching the colour of the garments – the new hit!d2cddeb993e473dff148a1be931d6d2a

Contrasting tulip red skirt, crop top and sunglasses – a perfect way to hit the stride!88e1d1b9f941a98339b05b2bf05cc3a8

Rich red apparel and playful fringes – more trendy than ever! Fringe craze is back!228f217305cd5295e4a623fa0517bbff

Prints, jolly hearts, gossamer fabric, chiffon for the princess of the street!9cd6c8414f7bc2b1baee9d56fc482201

Myriad fluttering butterflies to flatter your feminine look and a pair of outstanding shoes!199274b84e9005f6ac172c6a6e97c82d

Stay cool with a modish blue outfit, catchy prints, and vintage style sunglasses!d179fdbfb6aca8ebf4d250ab6fe3fe74

Front slit skirt, revealing hot legs, and awesome cut out frolic printed top, this is literally to cut a dash!62a6aa5c4874420db5fdbcc484819887

 Fancy extending below the knee overcoat in delightful yellow printed flowers – a magnetic look from a far!eb5debf0876e685411ac1f13e8e90d01

Another attractive knitted overcoat with the trendy for the moment fringes and prints! Retro style bag and sunglasses complete the cute attire!c7216417ab6e2b2e8b619a1c4c41358c

 Striped loose overcoat in lovely natural shades – bizarre outdoor wear.be717f13df6f0457190035426c933839


Soft, airy, dress, revealing a delicate figure, accented with fabulous black floppy hat, oversized watch, and shiny necklace – simply stylish!30c34baae1ebd25406fe059e8db2667e

Create a strong contrast! A classic black suit matched with a pair of vibrant magenta boots.f62d8c5e457672812abe5f011afd7026


Vintage inspiration: loose, light, immaculately white top, high-waisted short skirt, retro sunglasses and rectangular bag with metal buckle.1f6136c5f1d58a92c24b2eecfa25c9c0


Exciting cool outfit in aquamarine hues and matching comfortable shoes for true walkers. Laces up platform athletic shoes are in fashion at the moment and the best choice for walking with confidence.


The last suggestion from Paris with love is classic: jeans and sport sweater. However, pay attention to the white rimmed sunglasses going with the white high neck pullover, the catching yellow decoration and the prints – simple but still modish!8e75e0ea03f92c1733e7ee0d43f4166f


  1. From London with STYLE

 Adorable collar dress, crocodile leather jacket harmonizing with a chic black fedora hat– an embodiment of excellence!83d19e1a28550f8bd7daab28a00c23e6


Once again – a charming hat, giving a sophisticated touch to the overall appearance, matched with professional light blue shirt and vintage pleated skirt in dark blue. The captivating coat with floral prints scattered through it goes with the elegant brown bag and a pair of brown high-heeled boots – this is an example of an outfit reflecting natural motifs and colours, a true natural landscape!



A vivid contrast between style, design, and colours! A girlish collar pleated dress in candy pink colour, matched with a pair of dark blue sneakers – experimental, original ideas for a cool spring look!dae9fbcc8b1ef4b790e820e448d40db4


Another example of explosion of colours and styles is this festive, playful set: The plain jeans and boring blouse is highlighted with amazing red sunglasses, cute pink bag and extraordinary fluffy neck warmer.232c50851a5f2d9c46cab8675adee807


Let’s finish with a floral, caught the spring spirit outfit: A combination of comfortable and trendy shirt and cut-out pair of jeans, a cozy pair of floral sneakers, matching the vibrant jacket.9b560f7181b719eda5f1da6f6f71d42a

No matter whether stroll the streets of Paris or London, keep it stylish, keep walking!

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It’s time to welcome the spring in our wardrobes and to catch its spirit in our outfits. Go with the latest trends: the closer to nature, the better! Garments, accessories, and hairs covered in bright petals are à la mode this season. Show up with vivid flowers artistically strewn all over your apparel to cut a full of fresh fashionable dash.

Let’s nature be your muse and inspire you to embrace the heavenly beauty and “redolence” of spring flowers. Myriad of delicate flowers scattered upon clothes, bags, shoes, hats, sunglasses, jewelry, hairs – we can see them everywhere, this is the new fashion hit. In the pursuit of vanity, employ a profusion of picturesque petals in every detail.


Check out some springtime ideas how to bring your look into blossom:

  1. Wardrobe:


A walking bouquet of colourful mesmerizing flowers is the new craze in clothing. Inspect your closet- if it doesn’t resemble an exuberant garden – head for the shopping areas. Blossom into a fashion flower by adding floral patterns to your attire.


  • Absolutely voguish for the spring are the knee-length skirts and dresses with floral motifs.
  • Tops: fresh designs and light fabrics with floral patterns.
  • Suits adorned all over with vivid flowers, bringing the lively spirit of the waking nature.




  1. Shoes and bags:

In addition to the yellow colour in all its shades, the floral elements complement the modern guise of shoes and bags.

  • Bizarre, oversized flowers attached to bags and shoes are especially wanted for the proms.
  • Eye-catching floral fabrics for shoes and bags to be in tune with the rich natural world.
  • “Feria de las Flores” – an aesthetic approach in the design of shoes and bags.
  • Shoes and bags in cute saturated prints highlighting femininity.




  1. Accessories:

Garnish your toilette with lavish blooms:



  • Jewels with floral ornaments: Brooches, bracelets, necklaces heavily embellished with luxuriant flowers.
  • Flamboyant hats bedecked with artificial or fabric flowers.
  • Delicate watches with floral design to put extra flourish touches.
  • Wear gripping flower-themed sunglasses in the sunny days.
  • Don’t’ forget the belts – embellished with bold flowers, they can turn the plain gear into attention-getting trendy outfit.





  1. Hairstyle and Nail Art

Flower-inspired hairdressing and nail art designs for dramatic accent. Give your look a chic frolic touch!


  • Creative ideas for spring favor hair: real or fake flowers woven in hairs; fancy hair slides and hair bands with floral ornaments; head scarves sprinkled with an assortment of flowers to give your style an aesthetic edge.



  • Take pride in your feminine soft hands with a well-kept manicure, fancy neon colours and awesome real-like flowers flourishing on your nails.
  • Elaborate 3D nail art is also something ladies should not miss!





Keep stylish and floral on!


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Women who care about their looks know for sure how crucial is the role of the underwear for the overall appearance. Delicate, caressing, seductive, deluxe lingerie, chosen according to the body type and the occasion can do miracles.

When picking undies, except excellent quality and sexually alluring design, look for something that fit your body. Here is our advice: the right size is of utmost importance! A lot of ladies in pursuit of some effect such as bigger busts or tiny bodies get the wrong size. That is a big mistake! Your underwear should be the proper size to make you feel comfortable and confident, otherwise it may cause back strain or other complains. If you seek some effect, then try intimate wear with a special effect (for example push-up bra). Ladies, right here we come with some helpful advice for choosing the perfect underwear for you:



  1. Don’t be in hurry to buy something. First try it!                                                                                   Treat the choice of YOUR underwear as something special and do not settle for anything less than the best for your body. The perfect lingerie should caress your body, hiding its flaws and highlighting its beauty.


  1. Watch out! Think about the purpose of your purchase:                                                                              a date – find something sexy (lace – highly recommended); working out – seamless and cotton; at work – luxurious, sophisticated, but not revealing too much; for the free time – soft, unpretentious, and cozy. By wearing underwear not suitable for the event, you risk to give people the wrong impression.


  1. Why you should try the undergarment before buying it?                                                                   Firstly to feel it, and secondly to see how it fits your body. A bra can suit your friend, making her body more appealing, but it doesn’t mean that the same goes for you.

We change our intimate apparel daily and spend a fortune on it, which is another good reason to be choosier when buying it.


Catch a glimpse of some of the most expensive bras by Victoria’s Secret:



  1. Flatter your body!                                                                                                                         Depending on your body shapes, get underwear that highlights your femininity, making your body symmetrical and appealing. When buying lingerie don’t forget about the aesthetic side.



A piece of advice:

  • If you are a gifted lady, try refined soft bras, made by lace or silk. You don’t need padded bras and definitely a beautifully shaped bust in a gossamer, sensual bra is more than perfect. You have any body flaws? Don’t worry, nobody will notice them.


collage01111111111 collage090001111collage00000



  •  For those of you who are not out of the ordinary, there are so many lingerie models and designs: push up bras for gorgeous effect, elegant strapless bras for special occasions, seductive plunge bras, delicate satin bras decorated with bijoux – a great deal of possibilities to give your body a sensual and irresistible touch.

collage09999999999 collage88 collage99 30ddc38a3b58a011780dc0d570968425


  • If you seek something hot – don’t forget nighties! Find the best for you – long and mysterious, short and revealing, dainty and innocent, luxurious and exquisite – no matter what your preferences are, the result is always satisfying: a turnig on, feminine, desiarable figure!


25571c197321d9e23a306f6358512141 11d7f7cc3e2e9b4bddbe2b14042239ee













  • Not only bras can impress, panties are also a “miracle-worker”: knickers, strings, Brazilians, boxer briefs, thongs – if you feel comfortable and sexy, wear them!




  • Finally, in case you don’t have any favourite lingerie brands, here are some of the most wanted manufacturers of excellent and luxurious underwear: Victoria’s Secrets, La Senza, Triumph, Myla, Lormar, Pierre Cardin, Laura Biagotti, Ultimo.




Discover the art of sexuality and womanliness with luxurious, stylish and tempting lingerie.



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If you wonder what`s cooking at Milan Fashion week, let’s make it clear – it`s all about glam, shine and desire. You can find all the fashion gurus` outfits and much more.
Fashion is all about the craving for something distinguishable and somewhat upscale look. Milan proves its hegemony as the world fashion capital, by providing most of the biggest and most notorious names, among fashion designers, such as Gucci, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana and Versace.
They had a great showdown of their late fall and winter collection. A breathtaking and “money talking” show, a must for every nowadays perky individual. While the show still echoes, we keep in mind some of its glorious moments and outfits. Applauses went to Fendi`s unique collection, presented by various high-profiled models, like Kendall Jenner. But we were eager to take a walk on the streets of Milan, as to find out what the trends there are.
We have spotted many different, but somehow – similar, in their expressiveness styles. The Milan Fashion week is over, but we look forward to next big outfit tournaments – New York and London are on our way. Don`t hesitate and be ready for more surprises, coming from the …closet.

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Life is too short to wear boring clothes! This is how we can summarize the spring-summer trends this year. In short: everything in yellow is in vogue; the brighter, the better; the more, the more (Winnie the Pooh)! Mind these simple golden rules to cut a fresh spring dash.

Layers in clothes, in bags, in jewelry, in hair:   Wear simultaneously more than one piece of cloth, more bags, more jewelry, and more colours and you will hold all the fashion aces for the season.


  1. This spring take all your clothes out of the closet! Wear them all! Layer different garments, designs, fabrics and styles to get a glamorous on trend appearance. Remember the magic words: bright colours.

Take a look at the 2015 fashion catwalk to hit on ideas how to layer your garments for a fancy look in accordance with the latest mode.


Jil Sander Spring collection 2015: layered business casual wear for sophisticated and modish tinge behind the desk.



Moschino Spring collection 2015: right on target! Everything that is in fashion at the moment is gathered in this gorgeous collection. Models are dressed to kill in vivid, hot apparels, high-heeled bright shoes, oversized jewelry, carrying bags following the latest design trends!



Burberry Prorsum Spring collection 2015: creative and artistic way to combine everything in your wardrobe for an exceptional in style look. Pick out this tendency towards mixing up diversity of textiles, designs, and shades to accomplish a real fashion furore.


  1. Fashion dictators have finally truly appreciated women’s love for bags. The trend du jour is: ladies carrying more than one bag at the same time. Chic, compact, coquette handbags in vivid colours are a la moda this season.







  1. If you want to look like a “million dollar baby” use everything you have in the jewelry box. Embellish your body with beautifully arranged jewelry. Layered necklaces for sure will inject into the plain attire a little spark. You can also put an accent to your outfit with a stylish “chain” of leather or vintage inspired bracelets.


collage8 collage9


  1. Fusing or contrasting colours in your hair will make your look more exciting. Though it was a total hit last year, ombre hair is still in fashion. Try some hot ombre hairstyles using the modern for the season 2015 colours. A palette of warm or cold tones fading from dark to light or the other way around is still a big hairstyle craze. This explosion of colours gives you a chance to experiment with hues to create a unique, reflecting your individuality hairstyle. Everybody will be knocked out by chichi ombre hairdressing.



Saturated, vibrant outfits, richly decorated accessories, cool ombre hairs, cheerful and radiant faces are all you need for spectacular, sassy, spring look. Your style should mirror the fresh natural primavera tints, having a bit of sunny, blossoming, positive, carefree, spirited flair.









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A spectacular, alluring body is what every woman on this planet dreams for. In order to fulfill their dreams, ladies go on torturous diets, go dancing, cling to the traditional running, fitness, cardio exercises, yoga, aerobics, or burn fats with some new and exciting sports, such as kangoo jumps. However, there are also women who prefer breaking out in sweat by training masculine sports, because these sports are more intensive, and physically exerting, for example Adriana Lima. One of the best paid models in the world, the Brazilian Angel, Adriana Lima, chisels her body by training boxing. She says boxing is her passion, and that she loves to spar. No matter, what kind of sport you are into, for better results, you should pay special attention to your outfit. It should be comfortable, fitting you body, suitable for the sport you train, and last but not least in vogue.


Here are some of the Brazilian beauty sport outfits, for those of you who want to be tempting and trendy when exercising. The attractive, refine, highlighting your shaped body parts sportswear is part of the pleasure of training.


  1. Sports tops


Most of Adriana Lima’s sports outfits are Victoria’s Secrets, they are not very cheap, but their quality and design deserve the money. The Angel prefers wearing seamless push up, front-close, strappy-back, or other styles sports bras, which reveal her sexy body. Sports bras provide you with more flexibility, and the seamless ones make your body feel at ease so you can enjoy your training. If you have already sculpted your body, don’t hide the results of the regular physical activity, but show it proudly with a fashionable sports bra.














Here are some other suggestions, for those of you who find sports bras too challenging:



2. Sports tights and shorts:

It will be really unpleasant if when working out, you feel restrained, or there is something scratching your skin, or some discomfort distracts you from your exercising.  That’s why your gym clothing must be carefully picked out. Hot Adriana Lima mainly relies on ¾ -length running tights or sports shorts when burning calories.






  1. Sports shoes



Sports shoes should fit properly, should be comfortable and responsive. Look for trainers or sneakers, which are not too tight and don’t hurt. When selecting the right sports footwear for you the first thing you should take into account is whether the shoes fit like a glove. If they do, take them. However, bear in mind that your new trainers should go with your sportswear so far. Remember, for fashionable look -don’t underestimate the design and the colour of the shoes!

See some of Lima’s training shoes and get inspired:





Dress your strong and healthy body in a comfy and trendy gym wear. Get fascinating look, even when throwing a punch. Pinch some ideas of the supermodel, Adriana Lima not only about the recent trends in the sportswear but also how to subdue by beauty, shapes, and true angelic appearance.






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  When it comes to women's shoes, this season's trends dictate that elegance in sports shoes will play a leading role. Only a few years ago,...